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Antique Vestment Restoration


Vianney Vestments takes pride in restoring the liturgical needlework of the past to unparalleled levels of beauty and functionality in today’s liturgy.


Our workspace is complete with the tools and machinery we need to accomplish our expert techniques with the greatest precision and accuracy while fulfilling our complex artistic vision!



Custom Liturgical Embroidery Design

Vianney Vestments takes pride in creating unique needle-art that reveals the beauty of the past in fresh splendor for our sacramental celebrations today. Check out some examples of recent designs and projects below. We look forward to partnering with you to meet your special sacramental needs:

eucharist whittakerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Wedding Commemorative Panels

Here are a few jobs we have done to help celebrate the beautiful sacrament of matrimony. Embellish the wedding of yourself or a friend in these meaningful custom-designed artworks. Samples follow:

hughes forrester hechinger knepper

Children Reversible Set

Reversible vestment set available in your choice of white/red or green/black. The chasuble is decorated in a liturgically appropriate manner such as the beautiful IHS emblem (white) or Martyrdom Crown (red), pictured below. Would make a perfect gift for any aspiring young boy between the ages of 4 and 10 years old, as well as for those involved with Montessori learning environments or religious education programs.

Size: 6x

Color: White/Red, Green/Black

Price: $425


Orphrey Black Pall

Traditional black moire embellished
with gold/black velvet Orphrey Banding.
Lightweight, durable. Unlined.

Size: 10×6

Price: $730

overview end detail

High Mass White Collection

Constructed with custom design of medium-weight metallic gold-on-white brocade, bullion gold fringe and genuine gold trimming, this demo set is now available for purchase. Silk-lined hand-stitched set includes cope, chasuble, humeral and chalice veils, dalmatic, tunic, two stoles, three maniples, and burse.

Original price: $9,300
Reduced: $7,800

6SP-143 5SP-125 4SP-123 3SP-118 2SP-095 1SP-065